Adding QuickStatements exporter to core

Would there be any objections to adding the QuickStatements export translator [1] from Zotkat [2] to Zotero's core code?

This would save people wanting to use it from having to follow a hacky installation process [3], which some find off-putting [4].

What would be the process for getting this done?

[1] QuickStatements.js



[4] e.g.
  • It would likely be considered if they submitted a pull request to
  • I am the developer of the translators within zotkat repo. The translator for Wikidata QuickStatements is an export translator and could be integrated in the official translator repo. This would also have the advantage that automatic updates of the translator would the work also (currently one needs to reinstall the translator for that). The Wikidata Quickstatements translator could bee seen nowadays as quite mature and similar to the Wikipedia export translator. If @danstillman has no objections then I can start a PR for the integration.
  • I have no objection to this, if we think enough people would use it to merit its inclusion. (I don't know how many people use the Wikipedia Citation Templates translator, which we've had forever.)
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