extra field corruption?

short question:

I noticed today that all the extra field entries of the type "issued: x/y" have been turned into date fields of the type "date: x/y" in my database.
Is there a reason why or how this may have happened?

Many thanks in advance.

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    I think this was Zotero getting ready to merge Extra back into regular fields, but I don't think this is correct behavior and I'm not seeing it in the current beta.
    Which Zotero version is this? Can you replicate this by changing one of those fields back to issued and then syncing?

    edit: @dstillman -- you're probably aware of this, but as you think about handling Extra, note that some people have been using "issued:" there even for items with a date field to add date ranges, which aren't supported in the Zotero field/date parsing.
  • Hi, thanks for the swift reply.
    Its Zotero 5.0.93

    I changed it back - worked fine also in the article I was working on.

    Syncing did not change it in the database, neither did closing and reopening zotero.
    However, I recently had to reinstall windows and therefore also zotero. I have only noticed it since then.
  • Hi,
    sorry to be a bother again on this issue, I just noticed that "issued: x/y" in the extra field was once again "corrupted" and place into date as "x/y".

    Is this a mistake or now intended?

    In the document on "x" gets printed as date.

    Many thanks and best wishes,

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