Invoking zotfile rename/linking

Hi everyone, I hope you are well. We are above freezing in Boston today.

When I click "Save to zotero" in Firefox, the PDF is saved in $HOME/Zotero/storage/SOMETHING/.

My zotfile preference has the Custom Location set to $HOME/cloud-storage/zotero.

When I click "Rename from parent metadata", the file renames, but it is still stuck in $HOME/Zotero.

How do I convert it to a link, to be located at $HOME/cloud-storage/zotero?
  • "Rename from parent metadata" is Zotero's function. You want "Manage attachments --> Rename attachment" to invoke ZotFile
  • This works perfectly. Thanks @adamsmith!!

    Is there a way to do this automatically when I click "Save to zotero"?
  • It happens automatically when you import an item with PDF, e.g. when looking at the abstract. ZotFile can't do it automatically when you add a PDF directly and Zotero then adds the metadata afterwards

    Whenever possible, the first method is also preferable as it typically produces better metadata.
  • Sounds good. I will use the "Manage attachments --> Rename attachment" method. Thanks!
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