syncing via Zotero server between two computers

I've just gone from one to two laptops. I assume I can do the following: store webpages etc in Zotero on my Mac at home, sync to the Zotero server, go to my work Mac, sync Zotero there and get the files stored at home in my Zotero at work. And that I can do the reverse as well. In other words, Zotero assumes that whatever collection is newer is correct.

Today at work I noted that one entire collection in my home Library had disappeared from that Mac. It had 693 items. I checked my account at and it was gone from there too. I then went home, and see that this collection is still intact in Zotero on this Mac at home.

I'd like to know why this happened. I don't think I deleted this entire collection by mistake.

More immediately, can I restore this missing collection by syncing my home Mac (which still has the collection) with the Zotero server, thus uploading it? Or will the online version delete the collection on the home Mac, so it looks like the (wrongly deleted) version on my work Mac?

Assuming the former -- that the Zotero server will receive my collection from the Mac (perhaps I need to add or modify something to make it newer?)--will it then restore the missing collection to my work Mac?

many thanks for any help- Chris

  • You deleted it by mistake (e.g., by having the wrong pane focused when trying to delete an item and clicking through the confirmation dialog quickly), or you moved it somewhere else in your library. You can tell which one it is by looking for an item that was in the collection in the root of your library and checking collections containing the item. The server logs do show one collection deletion in your account five days ago.

    If you haven't synced at home and still have a copy of the collection, you can just create a new collection and drag all items from the old collection to the new one. When you sync, the old collection will be deleted but the new one will remain.

    An easier way to undo an accidental collection deletion is planned.
  • this worked. many thanks for your help.
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