Todo Management


is there a todo management planed? I wonder that so less citation managers have such a simple function because i would find it very very useful... I think of this way: I can add a Todo List like i add a note or something. In the todo list i can make todos with sub-todos which i can mark as done. When i mark them as done the date is added.

I think that this would be a great feature and expands the simple citation management to project management.

Is this thinkable?

  • I think most people here would consider that mission creep - putting to much stuff into Zotero that isn't core functionality
    especially since a whole bunch of todo lists already exist for Firefox:
  • Yes, i understand. But the problem is, that this way i can not link my todos to a collection/project. Perhaps a working together with an existing todo plugin would be thinkable? So in this way that it is easy to link a list to a project?
  • If it is possible to reference a todo via a URL, or if it is possible to reference a Zotero note/collection/project via a URL (is it?), then perhaps you could connect the two applications in that way.
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