How to get additional Item Types

How are new Item Types added? Is this based on reoccurring requests for the same Item Type? As a Homeland Security student I often find that I need to cite a resource that does not fit any of the preset Item Types - like Presidential and Executive Orders, various National Strategies, and then less often, lectures or other school lessons.

Item Types that clearly accommodate U.S. Government doctrine would be incredibly beneficial, unless you can provide an official recommendation for which Item Type is most appropriate for National Strategies, Presidential/Executive Orders, and various other U.S. Government doctrine.
  • Item types are added based on requests, but not so much by frequency but more whether there's a compelling need, in particular (though note only) based on particular citation requirements. The types you mention are too finegrained: if we added item types at that level of granularity and across fields, we'd soon be at many hundreds.

    I'd definitely use "Report" for national strategies and similar documents. PO/EO is a bit trickier. I'd try whether Bill, Statute, or Report works best to allow you to enter relevant metadata.
  • I would use Statute for EO/PO generally. If you have trouble figuring out how to enter, can you say what style you are using, how the citations appear, and how you’d like them?
  • Yes I can respond to this question because I am experiencing this issue personally. The APA manual makes Executive Orders uniquely challenging, and the Statute option isn't really suitable.

    In the reference list, the Executive Order should be:
    Exec. Order No. 13648, 78 Fed. Reg. 129 (July 5, 2013).

    while in text it should be: (Executive Order No. 13,231, 2002)

    This Exec. Order in the reference list is not easy to do in Zotero. I would really benefit from getting this item type added.
  • That would be (Executive Order No. 13,648, 2013) for the same EO.
    The difficulty of citing EOs gets wore because the citation is diffferent depending on whethery they're first published in the Federal Register or the CFR.

    FWIW, CSL has a 'regulation' item type that in principle works for this and can be used via type: regulation in the Extra field, but it's not implemented in any citation style so it won't help you much in terms of getting the right citation in APA (or any other) style.
  • The update for apa.csl style for 1.0.2 ( uses the new 'regulation' type for executive order citations. A Regulation item type will likely be added to Zotero in the future to hold these types of items. For now, you can use Statute or Report as a base and enter "Type: regulation" in Extra to tell the citaiton proce

    Note that the 1.0.2 update for apa.csl is not yet merged into the Zotero Style Repository. I hope to finish that in the next week or so.

    Some examples for regulations and executive orders (both codified and not codified) from the APA manual:
  • The official APA CSL style now has formatting rules for `regulation` added. Executive orders and other regulations should be entered as this CSL type and formatting conforms with the APA manual and the Bluebook.
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