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This discussion was created from comments split from: When will Zotero for Mac v5 become Unicode savvy?.
  • A little more than a month later after dstillman's comment, let me add that I'm also interested in the RTF Scan, or, even better, something that would scan Apple Pages documents. I would have used Zotero years ago, and can't use it yet, because of tricky workaround for Pages users. Are there other out there like me in the same situation? We'll probably never know.

    Anyway, I do very much like how Zotero has developed and would like to integrate it in my writing, but, as noted, it's not going to work for me yet the way I'd like.

    Francis H.

    NB I use Scrivener for first draft writing, sometimes in a rush even producing final copies. From what I've read in the Forum, that seems to be another issue for Zotero, right?
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    @fharvey13: I'm not entirely sure what you're trying to say here. RTF Scan has existed for 10+ years. It just doesn't support Unicode characters in author names, due to the issue described above.

    Neither Pages nor Scrivener have ever supported third-party plugins. If you want support for those, you should ask their respective developers to support plugins (as many people have done over the years, to no avail).
  • I was referring to your quote: "I think you're the first to report this in the 10+ years that RTF Scan has existed". I never reported it years ago because I decided Zotero wasn't going to support my writing tools.

    I'm able to insert citations and produce bibliographies in Pages documents using other software. My own workflow doesn't require producing bibliographies in Scrivener, so I don't know anything about that. But is it really just a matter of plugins? That's one approach, but it doesn't work for a number of writers, I think.
  • @fharvey13: I still don't know what you're trying to communicate here. If you have questions about integration with Pages or Scrivener, you should start a new thread. This thread is about a specific limitation of RTF Scan around Unicode characters in author names. Unless you have something specifically to say about that issue, please start a new thread.
  • Thanks for the reply and suggestion. I'm somewhat confused, as the thread title is: "When will Zotero for Mac v5 become Unicode savvy?" My first question was indeed about the RTF scan discussed in the thread and some topics related to related issues with plugins for Pages and Scrivener, which were also raised in the thread. The other issues grow out of a desire to explain this to you, but I think that attempt has found its end.
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