language mismatch in Chicago author-date style

i have a document in Italian, where i have citations and bibliography in Chicago 17th edition style (author-date). i obviously chose "italian" in the language option of the style.
but to my surprise when inserting the citation of a review, it appeared in the bibliography this way, with English words:
Castellucci, Paola. 2020. Review of Introduzione all’information literacy, by Maurizio Lana. Nuovi Annali Della Scuola Speciale per Archivisti e Bibliotecari 34: 333–37.

as you can see instead of "Recensione di" i got "Review of", and i got "by Maurizio Lana" instead of "di Maurizio Lana".

any idea ?
  • We currently don't have a way to localize "Review of" so that's unfortunately hardcoded in the style. This will be possible with a new CSL version which is about to be released, so should make it into Zotero in the next ~6month, possibly earlier.

    by/di was simply not fully translated in the Italian translation for CSL terms. We have a current revision under review and that should make it into the next Zotero version.
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