Right-click case change -- ignore Greek (math) characters

Is is possible to keep the case of Greek characters when right-clicking to convert to sentence case? I'm concerned with Δ being converted to δ and similar character issues.

Specific example from today:
Effect of cannabidiol and Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol on driving performance: a randomized clinical trial.

downloaded as:

when within Zotero converted to sentence case it became:
Effect of cannabidiol and δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol on driving performance: a randomized clinical trial.

If possible, am I the only one who thinks that this is desirable?

  • I think the BBT Sentence Case function does this @emilianoeheyns
  • @bwiernik Does this mean that if possible with BBT it should be possible in Zotero?
  • It’s just how the change case function is written. BBT’s has a few extra nice handlings compared to Zotero’s
  • It does currently title case these, but a good point is raised here. I'll look in to it. But if you protect it with a case-protect span (which I reckon you'd want for this anyhow), BBT title case will leave them alone, where i think the regular sentence case won't. It might be a good idea to have a zotero-supported way to mark math sections at some point, but right now, the case-protect spans are all there is.
  • @emilianoeheyns How does BibLaTeX handle case conversion with non-Latin characters? CSL spec is being updated to say they should only apply to Latin.
  • edited December 2, 2020
    I don't know, honestly. My sentence caser is likely very naive in comparison. The main difference with the Zotero sentence caser is that it retains words with inner capitals, and that it keeps protected sections.
  • My sentence case in fact already leaves [^A-Za-z] alone, so Δ9 will not be affected.
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