Zotero Plugin for OneNote

Dear Sir/Madam,

As a researcher, I find it essential to have a plugin (Ad in) Zotero for OneNote. It constitutes an important limitation.
I looked everywhere on the internet to find a one with no success.
If you have any recommendation to be able to integrate my Zotero citations into my OneNote notes (automatically sync), please let me know.

Thank you for your time and support,
  • What exactly are you doing in onenote? What is be type of integration you are looking for?

    If you are wanting to link your notes to Zotero items, you can copy Zotero Select Item zotero:// links using the Zutilo plugin to Zotero, then add these to your OneNote notes. You can also copy onenote:// links to your onenote notes and attach these to items in your Zotero library.
  • Thank you for your reply.
    For instance, I am summarizing my readings of some publications.
    Hence, I have to integrate intext citation such as (XYZ et al., 2020).
    In word, we have a 'Zotero plug-ins' which allows to link my citations to Zotero libraries in an automatic way. Is there a way to do so with OneNote ?
  • Help me understand how this is part of your larger workflow. Are you then intending to copy these paragraphs into a Word document later? Or are these just your research notes?
  • Yes, I could be using them later on in word. However, I will be accumulating notes from different sources. Hence, I am interested in linking them to their respective references through Zotero like I do when I write using Word.
  • It’s not possible to have live-updating citations like in Word—OneNote doesn’t have a plugin system like Word does that would enable that.

    My suggestion would be to use the Zutilo plugin. Then, rather than inserting (Author, 2000) citations, insert the Zotero:// select links in your notes. That will let you click the link and go to the item in Zotero (you can even edit the link text to be (Author, 2000) if you want).
  • I'd be interested in OneNote integration as well. There are plugins for the desktop version of OneNote (OneTastic, for example, makes a calendar and others: https://getonetastic.com/onecal/update/1.17.6)). Nevertheless, great tip on the Zutilo plugin (thank you)
  • Just want to bump this again as my workflow revolves around OneNote.
  • This would be such a great plug-in for OneNote, I know so many colleagues who work with OneNote and would appreciate this function too.
  • Something similar to Notero (linking zotero to notion) would be awesome!
  • I agree! It would be fantastic to have a Zotero plugin for OneNote. At the bare minimum, functionality that mirrors the Word plugin would be really helpful.
  • Here's documentation regarding making add-ins for OneNote:

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