no attachments in a group

I have created a group and copied items from my library to the group. However, the attachments are not available to the group members. What have I done wrong?
  • If you're using linked files in your personal library, those won't transfer, because groups don't support linked files. (A future version of Zotero may automatically convert linked files to stored files when copying to a group.)

    If the group previously had file editing disabled and have since enabled it, you'd have to delete the parent items in the group and empty the trash before dragging the parent items again. (A future version of Zotero will let you avoid this.)
  • I'm using the "attach stored copy of the file..." to attach the files. Is this what you mean by linked files?

    How do I determine if the group has file editing enabled or not?
  • That creates a stored file.

    You can see the file-editing setting in the group settings online. It's currently enabled.

    But if you're attaching PDFs manually (which generally isn't what you want to do most of the time), the same thing would happen if you dragged the parent item to the group before you added the attachment, and the fix would be the same.
  • Sorry but I do not understand. Given the above, an item is in "My Library" and contains a "stored file". I deleted the item from the group. And then dragged a copy from "My Library" to the group. The item appears but not the attachment?
  • As I say, you have to empty the trash in the group.
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