How to import a simple .bib entry into web interface

I tried to import an article using the Add by Identifier, but zotero didn't pick up all the fields properly. The page has a .bib entry with everything filled out correctly, so I have a file on my computer (or in clipboard) with the proper .bib entry. How can I import that into zotero via the web interface? There doesn't seem to be a way to do it that I can find. I see an old discussion about it when I do a google search but none of the responses seem helpful. This seems like such a trivial task and it's being so time consuming for me to figure out.
  • You can't find it because it can't be done -- the web interface isn't designed as a fully functional Zotero library and importing bibliography formats is simply not something it's currently set up to do.
    If the bibtex has its own URL, I think could work
  • @davidparks21: Add Item by Identifier with a BibTeX/RIS/etc. URL will also work, but only for the first entry in the file.

    For full functionality, you'll want to use the Zotero app.

    What did you try to enter via Add by Identifier, though?
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