DOIs in vancouver standard

DOIs is frequently requested when using the vancouver style.

How ever it's not included in Vancouver style in Zotero. Can It be added to vancouver?

I hvae tried using elsevier vancouver, but they do not include number in their jounal article references - only year, volume and pages, so this alternative is not applicable for me.

Elsewhere in the forum someone mentioned that spirnger - vancouver could be an alternative, but It doesn't seem to include DOI.
  • What is this for? I don't think we're going to add DOI to the standard Vancouver style. NLM lists it as optional and doesn't include it in most sample citations in Citing Medicine.

    Most Vancouver variants as used in journals omit the issue number, but certainly worth looking to see if you can find something fitting using
  • Its for citing in academic asignments. The educational programme wants the students to use the vancouver standard, but prefers to have the DOI included.

    And fair enough not to make changes when the field is optional.

    But for those who prefer adding til DOI in voancouver, could It then be possible to allow DOI in the extra field field?

    I have tried adding DOI: 10.1542/peds.2004-1441 in the extra field, but it does not appear in the reference list.
  • DOI in the Extra field is just for item types without a DOI field. It behaves exactly like the DOI field itself.
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