renaming zotero attachments


I am wondering what the proper way is to rename zotero attachments. Using the "Show File" option opens an explorer window where I can see the file. Is ranaming the file via explorer a good way to do this?
Thank you!

  • No, don't rename via the OS — you'll break the link to Zotero and would have to relink after the fact.

    Just click on the attachment title in the right-hand pane and choose "Rename associated file".

    We generally recommend avoiding manual renaming and letting Zotero rename files for you based on the parent item metadata, which it should by default. If you've changed the metadata, right-click on the attachment and choose "Rename File from Parent Metadata". If you want more control over the renaming, see the ZotFile extension.
  • Thank you! I missed the option to click on the file name. Ill check ZotFile as well.
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