Presentation/conference paper: institution represented

Is it possible to create a field for 'institution represented' for item types presentation or conference paper? This would mean that the author's affiliation would also be given (often important if the person is representing the official position of that institution) - eg is the person from a civil society organization, a corporation or a government). Currently, I put the institution as a second author, but it doesn't work neatly.
  • Is this for citations? If so, how would affiliation be cited? I've never seen that done.
  • For example, a footnote in a recent article where the journal uses OSCOLA:

    Robert Mugo, Ministry of Information Communications and Technology, Kenya, ‘Kenya National Integrated Identity Management Systems (NIIMS)’ (Presentation, ID4Africa Conference, 18 June 2019)

    It's the "Ministry of Information Communications and Technology, Kenya", that I'd like to appear without the need to edit manually.
  • In Jurism, it’s possible to indicate author affiliations in this way, but it’s not possible in vanilla Zotero I don’t believe. @fbennett is that correct?
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