installing Zotero - Firefox defaults affected?

Hi, I installed Zotero in the last few days first at home and then at work. I've been testing importing a small Endnote library. Yesterday at work, after much Zotero work, I attended to my other work. Firefox is my default browser, Google is home ... and it looks perverse. Typing a query into Google, the type face is different, it's HUGE (like, 24pt Arial). I spent the time to find out how to reset everything to Firefox defaults, did that, but it didn't take. My work computer has other issues, so I called it a day. However, today at home, I just went to Google and noticed the same thing. The type that goes in the search box is not as big as at work (maybe 18pt Arial), but it has changed from what it used to be.

In both places, I installed the 2.06something (latest) beta version of Zotero. I imported citations from Endnote (using instructions on Zotero), first to my local collection and then creating a group collection that I invited a couple of colleagues to. I synced manually. I don't think I was doing anything "odd". I searched discussions to see if this had been mentioned already, but my terms didn't generate anything.

Any thoughts? I really find the change most annoying. Control+/- resizes bigger and smaller, but the fundamental change of font and size is still evident.

Thanks, Pia
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