Robustness of QuickFormatCitation's autocomplete to commas, semicolons etc

When inserting a new citation into a Word/Gdoc document using the QuickFormatCitation dialog, one often times pastes from a reference name that contains, among the searchable items (author names, bits of the title etc), also some "filler" chars such as semicolons, commas, "et al"s etc.

Unfortunately, the autocomplete in the QuickFormatCitation dialog seems not at all robust to any such characters, and the item is not found unless one has manually "cleaned up" the reference name from all such chars.

This time adds up when using Zotero a lot, and so it would be quite nice if in a future version, the autocomplete was made to be a bit more 'noise-robust' like that.

I know there are many feature requests but perhaps the devs can consider this. Many thanks!
  • Yeah, we should be able to do that pretty easily. Issue created.
  • Nice, thank you!
  • edited May 22, 2021
    Is this feature ( and still forthcoming at all?

    Right now, it's still the case that as little as one comma or a bracket throws Zotero off. Thus, pasting a citation such as "Smith, Joe, et al. (2008)" into either a QuickFormatCitation (Word add-on) or Zotero's quickfind text field, will find nothing, until one has edited the pasted citation and removed ALL characters from it except strictly for the authors' surnames and year.

    THis is quite tiresome, and the fix for this, as dstillman was saying last year, should be pretty straightforward.
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