Organisation house style creation

Hi Adam,
We are an organisation with its own house style based loosely on Harvard and new to Zotero. I can see from the forum that there are regular requests for setting up house styles for journals - would the same service be available to an organisation? We don't have anything created in CSL though (just our own internal guidance) so I'm guessing you'd need this. if so is there a good tutorial for setting styles up in CSL?
Thanks in advance.
  • Depends on what you're after:

    - Requested styles created by volunteers are mostly for journals or widely used style guides. There's simply not enough time to help with organizational styles (or mostly styles for universities, departments etc.).
    - For the official CSL repository, there's a set of criteria for accepting styles: : for an organizational style, the question would be the approximate number of likely users and/or whether it's used by outside contributors. That's just for styles officially available via CSL (which also means on ), though. Everyone can host their own styles and they install easily into Zotero et al..
    - There are a number of resources for editing/creating styles, starting e.g. here:
    - A couple of us will also create CSL styles by commission, typically in the US$200-300 range
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