My virus scanner just stunned the quicklook

Installed both QL from WinStore and ZoteroQL from Github.

After that F-Secure removed bridge.exe that came with the ZoteroQL.

QL does not work in Zotero.

Ever happened before? Please help.
  • You should tell your antivirus to not remove bridge.exe. That’s a safe program that simply launches QL.
  • Ipe
    edited November 25, 2020
    Thanks, working ok now.

    Can't seem to be able to open .rtf's or .docx's, though. Not even with a plugin.

    Installed the .msi. Was hoping to be able to quicklook subnotes in the advanced search results or in the related to -panel. Would have helped in browsing through multiple notes while we're still lacking the back/forward -function in Zotero.
  • QuickLook of Word documents is very slow out of the box, try to install the OfficeViewerNative plugin for QL from the QL GitHub page.

    I’m not sure whether QuickLook works with notes at all.
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