Zotero MODS export and the location of meeting names in Presentations


Is it just me or does Zotero not export the meeting name from a presentation to MODS?

It seems to not be included in the output. I could include a gist if that would be helpful. Should this be considered a bug in the output process?
  • I mentioned this and then forgot to post the related Zotero-RDF and MODS exported files... They can be seen at the github gist here: https://gist.github.com/HughP/a8e69778c56b226be5d6ade6fa6da1df

    There are two MODS exports and their associated Zotero-RDF records. To recap the issue is that the Zotero MODS export does not export the "meeting name" field to the MODS file. This seems to be a bug in the MODS exporter.

    My research on MODS seems to indicate that the meeting name can be exported to MODS in a name element as such:

    <name type="conference">
    <namePart>Paris Peace Conference (1919-1920)</namePart>

    My source on the MODS documentation is from the LoC at the user guide for MODS— see the section on names: https://www.loc.gov/standards/mods/v3/mods-userguide-elements.html
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