Startup error: "table dbDebug1 already exists"

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  • Howdy,

    I just upgrade to big sur without being aware of how Zotero would be impacted.

    This was the error message I am receiving upon downloading the Mac Beta for Zotero.

    Error: Error(s) encountered during statement execution: table dbDebug1 already exists [QUERY: CREATE TABLE dbDebug1 (
    )] [PARAMS: ] [ERROR: table dbDebug1 already exists]

    From previous event:
  • That has nothing to do with Big Sur — it's just a bug in the beta when upgrading from an old database (i.e., if you hadn't otherwise updated in months).

    This will be fixed in the beta later today, but you can just install the release (non-beta) version of Zotero and start up with that. If you want to switch back to the beta after that, you can.
  • @rpfaff: This is now fixed in the latest beta, so if you update to that you should be able to start Zotero again. (I think switching to the release version wouldn't actually have fixed this once it occurred.) Sorry for the trouble.
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