How many Items for libraries for the same account in zotero 5.0.66 (in french and very poor engl..)

je voudrais créer une nouvelle bibliothèque de groupe sans liens avec les autres dans Zotero 5.0.66. J 'ai déjà "Ma bibliothèque" qui a 1628 items et une autre de groupe qui en a 3838. Y-a-t-il une limite dans le nombre de items ?

I would like to create a new group library with no links to others in Zotero 5.0.66. I already have "My library" which has 1628 items and another group which has 3838. Is there a limit in the number of items?
  • (Feel free to write in French—I’ll respond in English, but I can do French if that would be easier for you.)

    There is no limit to the number of items you can have in a library. If you want to have a library that is separate from My Library, the best option is to make a Zotero Group for it ( That will make a new library that is entirely separate from your existing one—both will show up in the Zotero app. You don’t have to invite anyone else to the group. For example, I write many systematic literature reviews, and I keep a separate group library for each review.
  • Note, though, that Zotero version 5.0.66 is quite old. You should make sure to update to the most recent version, which is 5.0.93
  • Merci beaucoup à tous. Je vais essayer.
    Pour passer de Zotero 5.0.66 à 5.0.93 comment faire ? Une fois j'avais fais une mise à jour et j'avais eu des problèmes pour récupérer les données. Actuellement j'ai "Ma bibliothèque" et un groupe partagé avec une autre personne (je suis bibliothécaire et ce groupe me sert pour gérer les propositions d'achat).

    Thank you all very much. I’ll try.
    How to go from Zotero 5.0.66 to 5.0.93? Once I had made an update and I had problems to recover the data. Currently I have "My Library" and a group shared with another person (I am a librarian and this group serves me to manage the purchase proposals).
    Thank you
  • Just download the latest version of Zotero from the download page. Your data won't be affected.

    You should always be running the latest version. Zotero should auto-update, so you should figure out why that's not happening for you. (Did you turn off app.update.enabled or in the Config Editor? Are network connections broken for you generally in Zotero, such that various network-based features don't work?)
  • Yes, I don’t make the update that zotero suggest because I’m afraid of losing the data. I’ll try, I hope it goes well. Thank you
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