Google Docs line spacing not matching "Normal Text"

In Google Docs (via Zotero Connector), supposedly Zotero follows the "Normal Text" formatting when generating the biblography.
I have the "Normal Text" format set to Calibri, 11pt, 1.15 line spacing. The first two properties are preserved in the Zotero-generated bibliography, but the line spacing always comes out as double-spaced.
Futher, it also destroys the hanging-indent that I set up for that section of the document.

So each time I refresh or add a new reference, I have to go back and manually fix the line spacing, and the indent.
How to get the Zotero-generated bibliography to at least preserve the line spacing, and... preferably also the indent?
  • I even went into the .csl file and found the place were it says 'line-spacing="2"', changed the two to 1.15, updated the document style preferences, reselected the citation style in Zotero tab of the Google Doc.... nothing. Still double-spaced. Only place in the entire document that's double-spaced, btw.
  • Setting it to just the integer "1" in the CSL file also had no effect. Still double-spaced.
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    Bibliography line of CSL now reads thusly but is completely ignored after reload & refresh: still double space, no hanging indent:

    <bibliography et-al-use-last="true" entry-spacing="0" line-spacing="1" hanging-indent="true">
  • ....OK. Resolved. Issue was that the CSL file was somehow registered by CSL Editor website to a Zotero server, so my *local* changes the the file on my computer were being ignored in favor of whatever's on the Zotero server.
    Solution: Give the style a(nother) new name, a(nother) new ID. That got registered with Zotero server. Weird that I'm required to run local Zotero anyway but...whatever.
    Now in Google Docs I see single-space, and hanging indent.
  • To clarify, it's not that it's "registered […] to a Zotero server" — the id is just how Zotero and all other CSL-based tools identify the style, and if you don't change it as explained in the documentation, Zotero will overwrite it with the bundled version.

    As for the original issue, the bibliography spacing comes from the citation style rather than the document style so that the citations are correct. The style guide defines the appropriate spacing. The document style will affect other things like fonts that aren't covered by the citation style.
  • @dstillman Thanks for your answer. I don't understand, could you clarify? If change my custom CSL file that already has its own unique ID that I created previously, and delete the version of my custom style stored in Zotero and re-load the new version from a file, and select refresh, why does it have no effect?
    Is the documentation saying that every time I want to try out a modified version of my custom style (i.e. when iteratively editing it, trying to get it right), that I have to create a new ID every time or else the changes will never be implemented?
  • (my custom style ID is "StyleforHectorsBook" btw.)
  • You need to change the line of the style starting with <id> or else it will be overwritten by the official style.
  • @bwiernik WHAT official style?
    I thought I was clear that I was using my own custom style, and I'd already changed the before trying any of this.
    The question is about whether needs to be changed for every single little change one makes.
  • (it seems to cut out my use of the string "" . to bad there's no edit in this forum. )
  • ^^ id in angle-brackets.
  • I mean -- you'd normally test the style in the style editor rather than by re-installing it over and over again.

    And then you'd have to switch to a different style and back for changes to an existing style to take effect in a document. The Refresh button will work under some conditions, but I don't think reliably so. That has nothing to do with a server, though (the reference to which had people assume you were talking about using an existing id -- that's the only reason Zotero would use a copy of a style from a server).
  • Thanks @adamsmith that's helpful.
    I just keep noticing errors as I look over my document's bibliography that require going back and editing the style again. (I would have much preferred it if the search for my required style example had turned up something I could just use directly, but so it goes.)
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    You don’t need to reinstall it in any case. You can just restart Zotero after saving your change to the file.
  • You don’t need to reinstall it in any case. You can just restart Zotero after saving your change to the file.
    Only if they're modifying the style directly in ~/zotero/styles, though -- there a a number of different scenarios (using the visual editor, using the style editor & saving somewhere else, cloning the github repo)
  • Thanks. We'll count this as resolved. I have a more CSL/Zotero specific question I'll post in a new thread.
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