Citing a Poem in an antology

Hi all, I need to cite one poem from an anthology of poems. What category should I choose and how do I indicate that it is a poem from a whole anthology?

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    To a great extent, it depends on the document / manuscript from which you will cite the poem and the citation style you will use. It also depends on who will be reviewing your manuscript and the context or purpose of your document. I believe that you just need to get the information into Zotero in a way that can be auto-formatted to your needs.

    I cited lines of poetry that I used as a chapter preface in my doctoral thesis. I was using Vancouver style so there wasn't an in-text formatting issue.

    In Zotero I cited the poem as a book section title, the author of the poem, the name of the anthology (as the book title), the anthology editor, etc. This reference worked well in my bibliography. In my case, the poem was within a real book chapter but there was not a chapter editor. So I ignored the chapter and only listed the pagination of the poem. My dissertation wasn't a literary topic -- it was about information-seeking behaviors. If you are writing for that purpose what I did may not be appropriate. There was a librarian, two journal editors and a public health professor on my committee. The poetry reference wasn't among the cites that raised questions during the 3 hour defense. (I cited Kipling.)
  • If it’s published in an anthology, I would enter this as a Book Section.
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