feature request: Visibility / highlighting of related items

Hi all,

I know that this has been discussed a long time ago, but I would like to bring it up again, because it is something that annoys me, and would be easy to fix.
Currently it is impossible to see whether an item is related to other items unless I click on the "related tab". But I do not want to click everytime on a "related" tab only to find it empty most of the time. (for example, I want to know whether I have a "related" review of a book, but I only have maybe reviews for 10% of the books in my database, so in 90% of the cases clicking on related will be in vain).
There would be two quite straightforward solutions:
a) option for an extra middle column for relatd items, similar to the columns for notes and attachments
b) colour change of the "related" tab if related is not empty. (This could also be used to highlight if the other tabs "notes" and "tags" are not empty

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    I agree with option b, but wish for a step further specifically regarding related items: What if you could show them in an item's drop down, like this?
    https://pipe.miroware.io/5e1ae2a9b6cc6e75d075670d/shared/zotero related item example.png
    For clarity, I don't wish for item B to be stored under item A as a note would, but rather item B to be listed under and accessible through the drop down, in the same way that collections do not duplicate items.
    As item relations are two way, item A would also be accessible through item B's drop down.
    This could be complemented by allowing you to drag items onto each other to easily and quickly establish relationships, in the same way that you can drag items onto collections to add them.
    In my opinion, this would make related items more useful, visible, and navigable.
  • A bit of a related question, I think: is it possible to find related items directly? That is, is there an easy way to perform a find that results in only related items showing up in the middle pane? I can of course click on the "Related" tab, but them I'm switching back and forth between that and info.

    What I can do with books and their chapters is to enter the book title as the search item and that generally gets everything. That won't work with items that are related for other reasons, of course.
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