Name and last names

I have a problem with Zotero and Spanish authors' metadata.

Spanish authors have one first name, usually no middle name, and two last names (e.g. Fernando Rivas Rebaque, in this article:

Whenever I save an article to Zotero, it automatically converts the first of the two last names (Rivas, in the example) into a middle name, and sets the second of the last names (Rebaque) as the author's last name. So, instead of saving the article of the example as: "Rivas Rebaque, Fernando", it saves it as: "Rebaque, Fernando Rivas". So every time I save an article to Zotero I have then to change manually the order of the last names

Is there any way of fixing this?
Thank you very much,

-Ignacio Cabello Llano

-name, 1st last name, 2nd last name ;)
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