An Abstract By A Different Name

I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out how to get data into the Abstract field if it is called something else (in my case "Synopsis"). I've tried using both the Connector and standalone, but both result in an empty Abstract field.
  • This isn't related to what it's called (Zotero, being software, doesn't particularly care about that), it's related to which data Zotero gets how from a given page/site and how.

    We'd need URL you're saving from to say more.
  • See below for the DOI (I'm not sure if you need to log in to see what you need). Thanks in advance for any help!
  • yeah, Zotero grabs the standard metadata from that article, and that doesn't contain the synopsis (in technical terms, it should be in the citation_abstract and/or the description metatag in the site header).
    It would be possible to write custom import for the site (they do have the abstract under Cite --> RIS(Zotero) ) but probably not a priority.
    It's worth trying to contact them about the above.
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