Virtual Group Libraries / Group Libraries Based on Search Results - Feature Request?

I did some searching on this topic but couldn't find anything... but I hope this *is* a duplicate request! :-)

I'm having a very hard time with the idea that you can only copy/duplicate items from "My Library" into a group library for sharing. For me and my collaborators, this immediately means if anyone of us makes a correction to or adds/deletes an entry in the group library we have to find out manually what has changed and then change our local copy. Or have I misunderstood? Why can't we have the option to create links from items in My Library to one or more Group Libraries?

Related to this, as far as I can tell there is no way to have the contents of Group Library be generated on the fly from search results. For example, I want to share my entire library, but without having to do all the maintenance involved in manually keeping the Group and My Libraries in Sync. (Not to mention space concerns with all the duplication)

The same also applies to other searches... can't we have an option in the search dialog "Save Results to Group Library" which then prompts for a group library name. This would then create a virtual group library which is always current based on the results of the search. After sharing the virtual group library via the Web Interface, when someone accesses the virtual Group Library is online or via one of the Apps they get the current result of the search.

Or alternatively, allow a saved search to be dragged down to the "Group Libraries" area and then shared via the Web Interface. Either of these options would mean I no longer have to manually maintain a copy of any search result for sharing - which will likely always be slightly out of date.

I know I can periodically delete the contents of the Group Library and recreate from the most recent search results, but again this means most of the time the Group Library may be out of sync with My Library.

Again sorry if this has been discussed elsewhere...

  • There are a couple of threads about this that it sounds like you found.
    No one denies that the current disconnect between groups & personal libraries is far from ideal, but that's where things are currently and I wouldn't expect super quick fixes given that it's fairly complex.

  • Totally get the "fairly complex" part! :-)

    And given without this type of functionality collaboration is pretty hard without a lot of manual effort (or a grad student!) I'd put a vote in for including this in the road map :-)
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