[solved] Numbered Springer book style: page numbers not handled as expected?!

edited November 19, 2020

for a Springer book I am using a Springer style (duh!): "Springer - Basic (numeric, brackets, no etal, alphabetical)"

Now I just realized two problems:

1) For a direct quote from p13 of a book, call it ref #19, I only see "[19]" in-text. Yet, I expected to see the page number included like "[19, 13]".

2) The bibliography at the end only shows the book #19 -without- any page numbers. That is not at all what I expect?!

3) Finally, what should happen in the bibliography when I cite two -different- pages from the same ref #19, for example [19, 13] and later [19, 121]? How would the entry or entries in the bibliography look like?

What can I do to solve 1) and 2)? Do I need another Springer style or can I adjust the one I am using? Or do bracketed, numbered styles not show page numbers by default?

Thank you very much for any hints!

Best, digisus
  • For (2) and (3), you are misunderstanding how a numeric bibliography style like this works. For numeric styles like Springer numeric, if an item is cited twice, it only appears one time in the bibliography. Both citations will use the same number. For that reason, page numbers for specific places are never included in the bibliography—the entry refers to the whole work, not to a specific citation.

    For (1), if I recall correctly, the Springer style guide doesn’t include any guidance on formatting page numbers for citations. I believe the guide may even explicitly say to not include page numbers. Do you have an example book or article from Springer with in-text page numbers for numeric citations?

    In general, I think the style is following Springer’s guidelines correctly.
  • Thank you @bwiernik, very helpful answer.
    I was aware that I am not familiar with numeric styles; this confirms it. ;-) I am also somewhat unhappy about not being able to cite pages directly, but alas, then so be it...
    Thanks, digisus
  • You could always just type the page numbers directly in text—if your editor wants them removed they will tell you
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