Zotero entry - link to folder instead to file?

Have started using Zotero in the last few months; it has become more and more central in my workflow and I'm impressed with its versatility – it's an amazing tool. One of the things I still haven't resolved is how to link a Zotero main entry to an entire folder on my harddisk: the link tab in Zotero doesn't seem to allow for this (only files) and when I Ctrl-drag a folder from the Finder into the notes field – the usual Mac procedure to create a link – Zotero only does produces a blue url, that doesn't open. Have I missed something? – I would prefer the documents in the folder (jpg-scans) to remain outside of Zotero in order not bloat the storage and slow down FF. – If there is no such possibility then this is a definite feature request. Appreciate ideas on this, thanks.
  • I hope I understand you correctly -
    while linking to an entire folder isn't possible, you can "batch" link files:

    select your entry - go to the attachment tab - link to files - go into the folder you want to link to - use cmd+a to select all and click OK.

    If you click on any of these files and select "show file" the containing folder will open.

    Why would linking to a folder be important?
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    You did understand correctly, adamsmith. In fact, you have solved my problem – thanks! I was fixated on a direct link function to folders and didn't think of "batch-linking" the content files. This is straight forward, even with 100+ of them. And when choosing – as you point out - the "show file"-button opens the containing folder – as would have my direct link.

    I see the usefulness in being able connect Zotero's main entry with an exterior folder containing a bunch of files in differing filetypes that I don't want to import into Zotero. Doing what you suggest gives me just this – except for the admittedly theorectical case of wanting to link to an empty folder with nothing in it to link to...
    Thanks for the swift response.
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