Zitationsstil APA 6th in fertigem Dokument anpassen

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Hallo zusammen,

ich habe viel über meine Problematik gelesen, bin aber dabei leider auf keine Lösung gestoßen. Ich müsste leider, wenige Tage vor Abgabe meiner Abschlussarbeit, folgende Änderung vornehmen:

"vgl." als Prefix bei allen nicht-wörtlichen Zitaten ergänzen (was ca. 99% meiner Zitate auf gut 105 Seiten wären) --> muss ich das händisch bei jeder einzelnen Angabe als Prefix ergänzen oder geht das irgendwie auch gesammelt?

Vielen Dank bereits für Antworten und Hilfe
  • I would suggest against adding this. Including a citation doesn’t mean that you are literally quoting from that source, only that the source provides some support for your statement. If you are literally quoting, that is indicated by using “quotation marks” like that and including a page number. I would strongly recommend omitting “vgl” and leaving your citations as they currently are.
  • bwiernik is right about the principle. I've seen this rule at some German universities and it's simply a misunderstanding of citing conventions both in German and internationally.

    If you have to make this work, though, you _can_ change it in the citation style by changing <layout prefix="(" suffix=")" delimiter="; ">

    <layout prefix="(vgl. " suffix=")" delimiter="; ">

    Saving as a new citation style (with new ID) as described here: https://www.zotero.org/support/dev/citation_styles/style_editing_step-by-step
    and then switching to that citation style. You'll then want to make a copy of the document, unlink citations, and manually delete vgl. for all direct citations.
  • Using 'vgl.' to indicate indirect citations is not a rule at just some German universities but very widespread in German language citation guides for bachelor and master theses at least in the humanities, social studies and related subjects. As it’s well established there, you might find it in journals, albeit not necessarily as a written rule.
  • Thank you for your comment! Direct citation will stay incl. quotation marks and no prefix. But my prof. wants paraphrased indirect citation with a "vgl." at the beginning of the reference which I did not include while adding my references...

    "My name is XYZ" (XYZ, 2020, S. 100).

    In 2020 he stated his name is XYZ (vgl. XYZ, 2020, S. 100).

    But now i already started adding the prefix "vgl." in every indirect reference by hand as i found no other solution.
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