Reference in Zotero but not appearing in Word

I am unable to insert a reference into Word (the Zotero Word plugin doesn't find it) even though the reference appears when I search for it in Zotero. I tried restarting Zotero, Word, and my computer, and am encountering the same issue.
  • What's the item type? Note that it has to be an actual item, not just a standalone PDF.
  • I'm not sure what you mean by item type, but it's a law review article. Maybe the problem is related to the fact that when I select "Retrieve metadata" Zotero says "No matching references found." But I'm not sure why or how to remedy this.
  • Right, then that's just a standalone PDF in your library — it's not a regular Zotero item with metadata, which would be of a given item type (book, journal article, etc.).

    If Zotero can find a match for the PDF, it will create a full Zotero item with the available data and attach the PDF. If it can't, it will leave the PDF as a standalone attachment, allowing you to add a parent item from the web or by identifier and drag the PDF onto it. If all else fails, you can right-click on the PDF, choose Create Parent Item, and manually enter metadata for the item.
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