Converting Zotero references to Word in-app citation?

Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere on the site, just can't find the answer.

Some colleagues are working on a Word document that draws heavily from a separate document I worked on. My original Word document used Zotero referencing. However, my colleagues' document is using Word's own citation function (plus they do not use Zotero).

When they copy text from my original document into their new draft, is there any way for them to convert the original Zotero references/bibliography into Word's own system? Or will they have to copy/paste each bibliographic reference individually?

  • No, Word’s citation functionality is very rudimentary and limited (e.g., you have to manually input item data, and many of its styles are incorrect or incomplete). I recommend you ask your colleagues to just add comment bubbles where they put the item DOIs for citations, then you can go through once at the end and insert citations.
  • I think there is a way to convert from Zotero to Word citation format, though, no? I think there was a recent post by someone who did that here -- you go through bibtex I think.
  • Perhaps? I know that we have instructions for going the other way around—it might be possible to use those instructions in reverse.
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