How to add DOI to Bioresources (NCSU) style?

How to add DOI to Bioresources (NCSU) style? Even the scholar plugin does not retrieve DOI but them it is demanded by the Journal.
  • The style is already set to include the DOI. You just don’t have them in your Zotero library. Google Scholar isn’t a good source for article metadata—among other things it doesn’t provide the DOI. You should always click through to the publisher webpage and import from there.

    For your existing items, install the DOI Manager plugin and use it to retrieve the DOIs.
  • Does this plugin works? How to install it? zotero-shortdoi-1.3.9.xpi
  • Open the Tools -> Add-ons menu in Zotero, then drag that XPI file onto the window that pops up.
  • Thank you! It did work with some documents. Apparently for more recent Bioresources items the Doi can not be retrieved.
  • Try to import the items directly from the Bioresources page, rather than Google Scholar
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