Search function issue with nested subcollections

With nested subcollections, I find that the search function:

- always works from "My Library" (i.e. when My Library is highlit)
- always works from the subcollection directly containing the 'searched for' words
- never works from any intermediate subcollection between these two

I've observed this behaviour for a couple of years now
  • Unless I'm misunderstanding what you're describing this is working as intended: The (quick) search function effectively works as a filter on the currently visible items, so won't show items in subcollections, which aren't visible unless you have View --> Show items in subcollections checked (and then it should & does find them).

    My Library always shows all items so searching there will find any item in the library.
  • Oh right, thanks for pointing that out

    Until literally 5 seconds ago, I had never noticed that there is also an advanced search magnifying glass icon which is also accessible from the menu

    you know what ... it's a bit odd the the menu option "Edit - Find" takes you to the quck search bar. I know the advanced search is just below it, but maybe the two options should be "Quick Search" and "Advanced Search" to make it clearer.

    Probably a symptom of my confused way of thinking, but I assumed that the "Advanced Search" would be the equivalent of the three pull down options on the quick search field so I never bothered clicking it and instead just wondered why Zotero had a 'broken' search function
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