Shortcut to add section or page in word plug-in

edited 11 days ago
1. When I add a new citation in word, I use the add/edit citation feature to bring up the little pop-up bar window to search for the source. Once I have the right source selected from the drop-down list, how do I add a page or section number via keyboard shortcut? Is the only way to do it to double-click on the source and bring up the menu where you can add suffix, prefix, section, etc.? I already looked at the zotero keyboard shortcuts available under macros and there isn't anything like this.

2. Is there a keyboard shortcut to just add the last used citation instead of bringing up the search bar?
  • Ctrl + down arrow will open the popup menu, then you can tab through the fields to enter pages, suffixes, change from page to section, etc.
  • ok, and is there a way to tell it to just insert the last citation used? instead of searching through the search bar to pick the source. is there a keyboard shorcut?
  • no. In Word you can copy&paste.
  • Thank you both. Helped a lot
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