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I fat-fingered the creation of a new category and now I can't find it. I queried "My Library" and found the files. However, the center window has a view telling me I should see a location - but that area of the screen is completely blank. How do I get Zotero to populate this window? Thanks in advance!
  • Sorry, I don't follow. Could you try to describe this step by step and please don't paraphrase or translate -- e.g. I don't know what "the center window has a view telling me I should see a location" refers to at all. How do you get to this view and what exactly is it called?
  • Okay, well, when I open up Zotero, I have three views on the screen. The view of the left has a hierarchical listing of collections of content. The view on the right has a series of tags labeled: Info, Notes, Tags, and Related. The view in the center lists the title of a file/bib reference on the left. The next section is listed as Creator then Year. Then we arrive at my little confusion labeled as "Loc in Archive." The Loc in Archive label is where I am not seeing anything... I assume, maybe not correctly, that I should see where that file/reference resides in the hierarchical list of content.

    Please let me know if I'm making more sense...

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    The columns in the middle pane are just the metadata fields from the right-hand pane. "Loc. in Archive" is a field that appears for some, but not all, item types. It has nothing to do with your organization of things within Zotero.

    Items can exist in multiple collections, so what you're describing wouldn't make sense, but there's a way to see the collections containing an item.
  • AHHHH, now I understand how it works... It would be convenient to see the location of the file in a particular location in a hierarchy... How does one create a feature request?
  • You can already see the location in the hierarch by holding down the key as linked in Dan’s post above.
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