Wikidata IDs (QIDs)

If I use a translator to import a work's metadata to Zotero, it will usually include the DOI or other identifiers if present. Obviously, however, if the work has no such UIDs, it cannot.

An example of this is the United States Constitution, which is represented on Wikidata as

and which has no DOI, ISBN or such like.

However, the Wikidata ID or "QID", in this case Q2386422 (note that it is the final component, or "slug" of the URL), is itself a unique identifier.

I think Zotero should import and export QIDs, whether from Wikidata or other sources that (increasingly) include them, just as it does other UIDs.

I'm not a coder, so I can't contribute in that way, but I am happy to answer questions or test prototypes.
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