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  • Hi all, I realise I'm a couple of years late, but this is happening to me too. Is the best course of action to go and check all my citations manually (it's a large doc so I'd like to avoid this), or is there a way to know which citations have been changed by Zotero?
  • @elemen: See the last step in Troubleshooting Errors in Word Processor Documents. You don't need to go through all your citations.
  • @dstillman thanks so much for your reply. Please excuse my ignorance, but how will turning on the field codes help me work out where this has happened throughout my document? What am I looking for as an error?

    I have seen the issue happen before but dismissed it, thinking that I must be mistaken and the citations weren't being changed. But today I saw it and was certain, which is what lead me here.
  • That's not the last step.
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    @elemen: But if you're having trouble, you should start a new thread and explain, in your own words, what exactly the problem is that you're experiencing. It's not at all clear what "this is happening to me too" is referring to.
  • Cheers @dstillman - you're right, sorry.

    My issue is that in the course of adding a new citation, Zotero has at times changed an existing citation to a completely different paper (from my Zotero library). The problem is that the first few times I thought it happened, I assumed I was mistaken - it wasn't til today that I realised it was definitely happening. Consequently I don't know which citations might be affected, but if it's done a "clean swap" with no error from Zotero's perspective, there may well be no way to know.

    It looked to me like a very similar scenario to what @PaulLC was dealing with, so I was hoping to save the support team some time and post in a relevant thread where there was more detail than I can provide.

    Unfortunately I can't replicate the issue so will hold off on starting a new thread until I have some clearer information for the debugging gurus to work with. Next time it happens I'll know to make some detailed notes.

    Thanks so much for your help!
  • I've moved this to a new thread, so if you encounter this again, you can follow up here after following the debugging steps.
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