Style request: Cite them right 10th edition translated to norwegian

There are many students at my university (University of Oslo) that are using the Harvard style described in the book Cite them right, 10th ed. For EndNote, there is a downloadable output style for Norwegian language, but sadly not for Zotero. Is it possible to do this? The style Cite them right, 10th ed. in Zotero is needed in Norwegian bokmål (nb-NO).

Pages should be shown as s. (instead of p.), editor as red. (single and plural), edition should be utgave (short: utg.), there ate no separate style for page range, so it is just s. (same as for a single page). We use "og" in stead of &. or and. "I" in stead of "in". Inverted names for all authors and editors.

All the examples we have available for the style is described here: (the English version is the same as the existing english style in Zotero.)
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    Your question: I'm wondering why you're not using quotation marks around chapters and journal articles the way Cite Them Right does? Apart from this, all of the style can be localized based on the same CSL, but I'm not seeing the quotation marks in the English version either, so I'm wondering if that's simply an oversight.

    I am not sure why this is, but I have not seen the quotation marks around chapters and journal articles titles anywhere in the norwegian style description in the universities. I think this is not common to use here. Except from this the Cite them right 10th edition seems to be correct (only that it is in english and not in norwegian as described above)
  • Any chance to make Cite them roght 10th edition in Norwegian?
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