Zotero for iPad

So I just recently got a new iPad and I am trying to sync all of my information. I’m using PaperShip to log into zotero. This seems to be working. My question is how to install the connector on the iPad. I am having a hard time figuring out if I am supposed to be using the bookmark? When set up the bookmark and changed the URL to the one on the site that had me copy and paste. But when I go to save an article to zotero, it says. An error occurred saving.
  • There's no Zotero Connector on the iPad, since iOS doesn't allow browser extensions. An official Zotero iPad app that will allow saving is coming.

    The bookmarklet should work on many sites, but due to browser and site restrictions it won't work everywhere.
  • Will proxies work with Zotero iPad app?
  • @erazlogo: We can't do automatic proxy redirection on iOS, but the translator architecture automatically detects the most common proxy URL schemes for saving (e.g., www-jstor-org.proxy.univ.edu → www.jstor.org so that the JSTOR translator matches).
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