Graph visualization of related item in Zotero?

edited 8 days ago
Hello everyone.

Does anybody know if there is a way to visualize related item in Zotero in a graph? For example, but not limited to, different book chapters from the same book or from the same author, o related in any other way.

I've been "playing" with Obsidian lately, and I found that to be useful or even just pleasing. Since the relations are already defined in Zotero, would there be a way to get an automatic visualization without replicating those relations in Obsidian or other softwares?
  • BBT has a translator called "Citation graph" that writes (ao) relations into a graphiz dot file. But since Zotero relations are not directional and untyped, I haven't used it much myself.
  • @ucaoemili95 Hi, I am also interested in using Obsidian as a notebook.
    Now, could you realize the view the related items graph (exported from zotero) in Obsidian?
    Thanks for your reply.
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