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I can add a Zotero node trough "Save to Zotero" extension, but it doesn't download the PDF, even when I am logged on

Is there any fix for it?

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    This is a problem caused by generally being very slapdash about bibliographic metadata. Even if some Zotero angels help you download the PDF, the metadata would most likely be incomplete. Essentially they're a walled garden with no interest in promoting views or downloads offsite, so they make this hard. The site is best avoid for serious scholarly purposes, but if you're a member there your best bet is to request a fix from them.
  • maybe it's realted to the field of reasearch, but in Humanities is BIG.
    Avoid a simple task like this is a downfall for Zotero
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    This is not a "simple task". Please reread @mark above and also the linked post. It is the site that blocks Zotero from downloading the pdf in a normal way. This is _by design_ from the people at Academia. The items on 1) do not contain metadata at all, 2) contain incomplete metadata, or 3) contain incorrect metadata.

    I curate an online bibliographic database and have had several requests from authors to index their work that is on (SafetyLit indexes selected items on ArXiv and similar resources.) Without acceptable metadata and proper stable linking structures, indexing isn't feasible. Some time ago I wrote to with a few comments and requests to enable me to index material on the site. At first I received no reply. After writing again I received a snarky-toned reply that said they received my first message and ignored it. The essence of their email said that the company doesn't make it easy for Google to "cannibalize their content" so they certainly don't intend to go out of their way to help me with my service. I replied that SafetyLit is a free service without advertising and the same accurate metadata useful to Google Scholar would be useful to anyone who wanted to cite contents or index it properly. I said that good metadata will draw visitors to their site. I didn't receive a reply.
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    For the record, I am in the humanities, and I am aware that it is 'big' in some scholarly communities. Read the post carefully and consider whether it is worth being part of it.
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