Hello! I would like to know if it is possible to subscribe for several years, instead of yearly.
  • I am wondering about this too. Did you ever get a response?
  • It's not currently possible to do that yourself, but you can email and we can help you do that.
  • I've also wondered about this. Couldn't I simply pay early for a renewal to get a year ahead?
  • I wonder what is the current solution to this particular case. Some people just want to pay subscription fees for more than a year, others, including me, discovered that they require more storage space at some point and did the upgrade instantly, thanks to Zotero for this excellent option, but then the expiration date fell on a close date when I may not have a valid visa card, leaving an undesired gap of not being able to pay online for the renewal. I would rather pay now as long as the credit card is valid. I emailed but no reply yet. If I do not get an answer soon, I must consider shifting storage to Webdv. I have good storage on Dropbox, but I wonder if someone got Zotero Webdv to work with Dropbox. The last time I tried it on a Linux machine, it didn't work, if I still remember.
  • @ffsammak: We haven't received any email from the address associated with your account, so you should email again.
  • @dstillman, thank you for your quick response. You are right. Sorry, my bad. I just discovered that I sent the email to myself and forgot to include!

    I just sent the email now.
    Best regards.
  • @dstillman could you pls care to reply to my email to enable early charging. Thanks.
  • @dstillman I sent the email to Could you please care to reply? My card will expire by the end of this month. I truly appreciate your timely response.
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