Adding a button in web library to copy citations to clipboard (footnote format)

Would it be possible to add a button to Zotero web library for copying citations to clipboard (equivalent of Ctrl+Shift+A in Zotero Standalone)? That would help a lot for iOS writing until the iOS app comes in. There is already a button to copy bibliographic reference (Ctrl+Shift+C) and there is still room in the iPad view for another button...
  • Yes, we have this in ZoteroBib, and I've always assumed we'd add a similar feature to the web library. (I believe this is what #203 is about, though @tnajdek can confirm.) There's been some disagreement about whether this is a useful feature, since it's limited to non-numeric styles that don't use "ibid.", given name disambiguation, or other context-dependent style feature, but I do think it's useful for certain situations. (It could even be used with something like the RTF Scan style.)
  • I can confirm this is planned, Github issue Dan linked in the post above is correct. I don't have an estimate yet but shouldn't be too long.
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    Great, thank you! Among other uses, this feature will allow iPad users to create citations manually while we are waiting for the iOS version of Zotero. I also write in Ulysses and don't use cite-as-you-write at all, so Ctrl+Shift+A is the way I always generate my citations. So this feature is definitely useful for me.
  • We've added a new button that will generate citations for selected item(s) in web library.
  • Where would we find that button? Thanks.
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    It's a button in the toolbar, located between "export" and "create bibliography". Please remember that this conversation is about the Web Library, a browser-based version of Zotero.
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