Problem downloading pdf via zotero

I am trying to import the following article
but it fail to download the pdf. I am using firefox with zotero browser add-on. Could someone give me some suggestions
The debug ID is D1561650398
  • Do you have access to the PDF on the page?

    For some reason I don't have access to that PDF, even though I'm connected to SD through a proxy. It just shows "Get Access", with no options listed when I click on it.

    If you do have access, and you're seeing the PDF listed with a red X in the save popup, we'd want to see a Debug ID from Zotero, not the Zotero Connector.
  • I have access to the PDF and can download it manually.
    Sorry for mixing up the debug ID. I believe this is the debug id for Zotero D359698055
  • (3)(+0000002): Importing attachment from URL

    (3)(+0000001): Importing attachment from URL /science/article/pii/0550321379904498/pdf?md5=[…]

    (2)(+0000002): Saving attachment failed

    (2)(+0000001): Error: Invalid URL '/science/article/pii/0550321379904498/pdf?md5=[…]
    OK, I can't test this, but I may have a fix for this in the latest Zotero Connector beta. Could you install that into Firefox and see if that fixes the problem for you? If not, could you provide additional Debug IDs from the Zotero Connector and Zotero for a save attempt that fails to save the PDF?

    (Using the beta connector is perfectly safe — it just has this fix in it, and you can reinstall the release version from the download page after if you want.)
  • The beta connector fixes the problem. I will keep the beta version until the new release version is available. Thank you
  • Zotero 5.0.93 is out now with this fix.
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