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  • Hi - I had this problem, too. In my case, it turned out to be a Chrome Extension called uBlock Origin. This extension blocks some web tracking (and probably stops some cookies?) and ads in Chrome. When I de-activated it on IEEExplore's site and reloaded the page, Zotero can now find the specific translator.

    Alternatively, if you don't want to disable uBlock's track-blocking, most of these sites have a one- or two-click download of an RIS or a LaTeX citation, which imports quickly (even through the clipboard).

    It would be nice if somehow the Zotero translators could work without disabling uBlock (because many of these sites track a lot of information and even create distracting "engagement" junk that is really annoying when you're trying to focus as a researcher).
  • Cookies are used for authentication, so Zotero often can't import from sources that require authentication without them, sorry.
  • @fuhrmanator: I'm able to save from IEEEXplore just fine with uBlock Origin installed. If you've changed the configuration from the default, that could affect it. Ad blockers are very unlikely to interfere with Zotero by default.
  • @dstillman Indeed, when I turn uBlock Origin back on, it's still working now. The problem I was having was bigger than just PDFs - Zotero was only recognizing the page as a "Web Page with snapshot". I was having the problem on several sites (IEEE, Springer, ResearchGate, etc.) for weeks.

    Maybe it was something else I did in the process of disabling uBlock? Sorry for the noise.
  • Pretty standard. Browsers are complicated environments. The Troubleshooting Problems Saving to Zotero page covers basic steps when this sort of thing happens. Often as simple as restarting your browser.
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