Library Lost?!? (Help!)

Hi all,

I am afraid I have inadvertently deleted a zotero library and I need a way to get it back!

This is what happened:

a) We upgraded zotero from Version 1 to Version 2.
b) We chose a new local place for the storage of zotero files
c) We got a zotero user and set up a WEBDAV-Place for storing the files
d) Then I clicked on the "sync" Icon in the Zotero Interface
e) And now the library is empty?!?

What happened - Of course I wanted to save the local data on the zotero-server, but it seems the empty-library on the Zotero Server overwrote my local data...?
And when I look in my local place I can find some files, but it looks like there is none of my personal data there..and the WEBDAV-Place is completely empty too.

What can I do? (I know I should have made a backup and all, but this time I didn't)

Is there a Way to get my data back?

Any Help very appreciated,
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