Zotero Bibliography in Word - make it to native Word bibliography

Hello, I am relatively new to Zotero. I would like to edit a bibliography I created with Zotero in Word, now in Word without Zotero. (Insert new Word citations into the existing Zotero bibliography). In short I want to make the Zotero bibliography a native Word bibliography. Is there a converter or how can I do that?
  • That's not possible, but why do you want to do that?
  • edited October 23, 2020
    I'm going to send the Word file to another person who does not work with Zotero but still wants to insert citations into Word and have them listed within the existing Zotero bibliography. If that would be possible...
  • Word doesn't have all the possibilities that Zotero offers, so the two systems are not compatible. I would put my money on convincing the other person to use Zotero :)
  • @derter If the other person won’t use Zotero, I suggest you have them insert comment bubbles in Word and give the DOI for the article. Then you can go through at the end and insert the citations.

    Word’s citation system is quite limited in its functionality, so it’s really not worth trying to use.
  • Thank you for your answers!
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