Style Request: [Health, Sports & Rehabilitation Medicine]

edited October 22, 2020
Hello! Please, I would be very thankful if you can create a CSL for the journal with the title: Health, Sports & Rehabilitation Medicine.

pISSN 2668-2303
eISSN 2668-5132
ISSN-L 2668-2303

For Journal article:

In-text citation:
(Bonita et al., 2007)

Bonita J, Mandarano M, Shuta D, Vinson J. Coffee and cardiovascular disease: In vitro, cellular, animal, and human studies. Pharmacol Res. 2007;55(3):187-198. doi:10.1016/j.phrs.2007.01.006

For Book Chapter:

In-text citation:
(Hăulică et al., 1996)

Hăulică I, Bălţatu O. Fiziologia senescenţei. In: Hăulică I. (sub red.) Fiziologia umană, Ed. Medi­cală, Bucureşti, 1996, 931-947

For Books:

In-text citation:
(Hasenbring et al., 2012)

Hasenbring MI, Rusu AC, Turk DC. From acute to chronic back pain: Risk factors, mechanisms and clinical implications. Oxford Univ Press. 2012, 209

Link to papers: (PM3)_Nr.2_(80)_2020.pdf

(if the above link doesn't work, here is another one: )

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